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Welcome to my gallery of Magic the Gathering altered cards


Not actually a player, I am immersed in the Magic the Gathering universe thanks to my friends and family I have found a fun parallel activity : altering Magic cards.


Alters, what is that ?

Altering a card means to modify the original art like extending the borders (frameless) or repainting the entire textbox (textless).


Example :


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  • Drawing...

    When I don't paint on cards... :)

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  • America, me voilà !

    Here is my original model, painted on a canvas. It will be printed on playmats that will be given as prizes for the Eternal Extravaganza.

    I also will be attending there, at that tournament !

    Yes, I do have the huge privilege and honour to be invited for the first time to a U.S. tournament.

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  • When I'm fed up with cards...

    ...let's try something else !

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  • Sorry
    Hi, sorry, this card is not for sale, it was a commission ;-) By Sandreline on the 31/01/13  View comment
  • Buy
    I would like to buy this card, could you please tell me if it's for sale, and if it is how much is it? By taumaturgo on the 31/01/13  View comment
  • Sorry
    Sorry this one was a commission, it's not for sale. If you want to commission a card, please email me. By Sandreline on the 23/10/12  View comment
  • I'd really like to buy this.
    I'd really like to buy this. How do I go about it? By Jerridlc on the 22/10/12  View comment