To our friends from Toulouse... Thank you so much!

> Back from the "Toulouse Game Show", where I've been warmly welcomed as a guest by the Mindtrick team!
Thanks to Laurent, Pax and all the Toulouse inhabitants who came to see me and exhange with me during the events!

In order to make everyone remember that moment, we decided to make a surprise to the Commander/EDH winner by giving him/her... a special card for the TGS 2011 tournament!


Do you know Michel Ancel?
Yeeeees you do... He's the ultimate genious creator of Rayman, and therefore of the Crazy Rabbits ("Lapins Crétins"). As far as I am concerned, I'm a HUUUGE fan.

So, considering Michel Ancel was among us at the TGS this year, the choice was soon getting obvious: going for a crazy card!
And to make it very special, I had my own idea: making it signed by the master itself!




Designing the card...


That will be a Day of Judgment !


Michel Ancel kindly signed...


...with a lot of humour !


The final result: a collector's card...


Bravo to the winner !



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