When I don't paint on cards... :)

America, me voilà !

Here is my original model, painted on a canvas. It will be printed on playmats that will be given as prizes for the Eternal Extravaganza.

I also will be attending there, at that tournament !

Yes, I do have the huge privilege and honour to be invited for the first time to a U.S. tournament.

When I'm fed up with cards...

...let's try something else !

Working on Deckbox

Customized leather deckbox.

Working with Artisan de l'Ombre, here are some customized leather deckbox. Contact us for informations !


Dotation Tournoi des Forges

Cette année encore, le Club Magic des Forges m'a renouvelé sa confiance pour la dotation de son tournoi Legacy annuel.

Merci à toute l'équipe et rendez-vous tous le 2 Septembre.

Infos et inscriptions ici !

See you in Annecy !

I'll be in Annecy for the Bazaar of Moxen

See you there and don't forget to register here ! :)

To our friends from Toulouse... Thank you so much!

> Back from the "Toulouse Game Show", where I've been warmly welcomed as a guest by the Mindtrick team!
Thanks to Laurent, Pax and all the Toulouse inhabitants who came to see me and exhange with me during the events!

In order to make everyone remember that moment, we decided to make a surprise to the Commander/EDH winner by giving him/her... a special card for the TGS 2011 tournament!


Do you know Michel Ancel?
Yeeeees you do... He's the ultimate genious creator of Rayman, and therefore of the Crazy Rabbits ("Lapins Crétins"). As far as I am concerned, I'm a HUUUGE fan.

So, considering Michel Ancel was among us at the TGS this year, the choice was soon getting obvious: going for a crazy card!
And to make it very special, I had my own idea: making it signed by the master itself!


Amis Toulousains...

...bonjour !

Je serai présente au TGS les 26 et 27 Novembre lors du tournoi de l'association Mindtrick.

Toutes les infos : ICI

See you there ! :)

Qui veut gagner des Stoneforge ? :)

Voici une commande dont je suis contente d'être venue à bout ! :)

L'association Magic des Forges m'a demandé de partciper à la dotation de leur tournoi du 16 Octobre qui aura lieu à Epinal.

Toutes les infos sont ICI

Si vous voulez tenter votre chance, je vous invite donc à venir très nombreux chez nos amis des Vosges...!

Work in progress - Tolarian Academy

Gaaaasp !

Jonathan just sent me that destroyed Tolarian Academy from the USA that I was supposed to work on.
Hard work here, considering how damaged the card was, probably held too close from a glass of water (or a dumb dog) or something.

The back is also damaged, but I got a good idea to deal with that scratches...

Wanna see ? Check it out...

Actualité en vrac...

I was at Bazaar of Moxen

It was a real pleasure to meet IRL a lot of players from Europe.

I especially thank Julien, from Watchdamatch :)

Welcome to the new Sandreline's website!

Welcome to my brand new website !

I wanted it to be lively, practical and above all interactive, so you can leave your comments and feelings!

So don't feel shy and start sharing your thoughts, this site is mainly *your* site. Have fun browsing it!

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