Knight Exemplar

Knight Exemplar - altered by Sandreline
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Altered card: Knight Exemplar

French name: 
Archétype de chevalier
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ouaaa, j'aime pas mal! Je ne

ouaaa, j'aime pas mal! Je ne suis pas spécialement fan du coeur sur le bouclier par contre.
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_,After i view your Feed it throws up a webpage of weird text, may be the malfunction on my side?
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Could you be a little more precise please? I just used the RSS feed to land here, and didn't see anything go wrong. May you copy/paste some of that text if that happens? Thx!
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Sorry mate, but you probably caught a virus, and not on this website :)
Here you'll only catch stars in the eyes.

Try a spyware-shit removal tool, like Ad-aware.

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Oui mais le coeur... c'est

Oui mais le coeur... c'est parce qu'un gentil jeune homme très amoureux a offert cette altération à sa chérie. :)
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Just go here!
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